Monday, January 31, 2011

Unruly Boys

I don't have too many rules around the house.  I find the more rules we have, the more arguing, talking back, and bad attitudes we have.  I do ask a few things of my boys, that I'm sure are standard in most homes:

Respect others (especially your parents)
Take care of our possessions
Clean up after yourself
Help others when you are asked
Homework before play
Don't eat Daddy's junk food

Now there is one rule I made for a few good reasons - it helps me keep the house neater, it helps keep the noise level three boys can make from overtaking the entire house, and it keeps me sane.  See, the rule is 
Seems simple, right?  They each have their *own* room AND a game room in between!  They have tons of room to run upstairs; there is storage for their toys - it's just better to have everything up there!  There are a few exceptions to this rule - when we have a playdate with little ones who aren't good with stairs yet, when Monkey-Man needs some play time just with mama, and when we are all playing together.  But for the most part the kid stuff stays upstairs.  I cleaned up before bed last night.  Today a hurricane came through - this is what accumulated downstairs:

The collection is so random, that it almost looks like a picture from one of those I Spy books!

Guess what everyone's doing when school is out today!


  1. We almost have the exact opposite rule:) My boys spend very little time upstairs in their rooms...except to sleep, so most of their toys are in the playroom or living.

  2. lol--I have the same rule! (I think when you have three boys close together--others just don't really understand the absolute chaos that can occur in 10 minutes flat) Although mine also includes--ONE toy downstairs to play with and then you must put it back in your room before another is brought down. Getting a dog has actually helped this as she chews their stuff if it's left unattended--hah! Talk about incentive to keep it upstairs!

  3. i want an upstairs I totally see how that would make a difference, we have two play rooms full of toys yet i feel like I spend hours picking toys up out of the kitchen and living room (PS we have a dont eat daddys junk food rule too)

  4. When you figure out how to enforce that rule, let me know! I want to at least keep them in the playroom or in their bedrooms.


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