Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun with boys

In my house, we love anything LEGO!  I mean, love love love!  All three of my guys can spend hours building all sorts of different creations!  Are your guys the same way?  Do you have a LEGO store near you?

LEGO Stores have a special day every month when they let kids (ages 6-14) come in and do a mini model build!  Just visit the store on the 1st Tuesday of every month and you get to build your own mini model and take it home - all for free!  Each model has a theme that corresponds to the month it's available. 

For February, the Mini Model is a cool little skier!  

Guess you know where you can find us tomorrow evening, huh?


  1. Fun! I don't think there is a Lego Store near us, but I know my boys would love that!

  2. We'd be all over that but there is no store near us. Too bad, he's a cute skier.

  3. Well you have probably seen on my blog how much my boys love LEGO! We don't have any stores in Scotland at all but my boys are regular viewers of the online shop!

    Have fun tomorrow.


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