Friday, January 28, 2011

Imaginative Fun!

Yesterday while going through some of my favorite blogs, I ran across this beauty at Roots And Wings Co:

I was so stinking excited to see this!  We moved about 6 months ago.  When we started packing, we had NO boxes.  So I borrowed, begged and bought tons of cardboard moving boxes.  When I got to the new house and unpacked, I swore I'd save every good box we had so I didn't have to stress if/when we ever move again.  Then I realized I was taking up pretty good storage space in the guest bedroom for EMPTY boxes!  Even flat, they take up space!

When I saw that castle, I knew it would be perfect for my little guys!  I started immediately.  All I needed was a box cutter, old boxes, and tape.  Lots of tape!

I didn't mean to copy their castle tower by tower, but it did end up looking really similar.  I did totally mean to copy her windows, though - those are awesome!
Here's what I came up with:
 See those cute little piggies entering the tower with Cookie Monster?  <3

When the older boys came home from school, they insisted I add rooms to the back - with a roof!  So I spent another 30 minutes or so adding another room.  Each tower on the ends have a door - one with a fabric flap, one with a cardboard cutout and ribbon to serve as a door knob.  The tower in the middle has both the drawbridge and a back door so they can go through to the rooms in the back.  

So far, the kids have had their snacks in there, played knights fighting a dragon, and used the castle to hide during a big Nerf gun war!  It's a ton of fun, even for me.  I'm really tempted to paint the whole thing - a bit over the top, right?  Convince me not to. lol  

Oh, and FYI - this is in our formal dining room, right off our entry way.  This is the only room we don't have furniture in, so it was a perfect spot for a castle!

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  1. Oh my gosh....absolutley amazing and recycling to the max...I want to live there!!!! two younger children would love it....I am not going to try and convince you not to paint it...its up to you :O)....Its amazing what cardboard boxes can become with a little imagination...Once again Well done you!!!!

  2. That is so cool! My boys have fun with 1 box, they would be in heaven with a box castle!!!
    Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday

  3. That is amazing. What is even more amazing is that you are willing to part with the space! Sounds like they are having a GREAT time!

  4. I say paint it! You could paint it up so cute! Especially if you are going to leave it up since it is in a room with nothing else needing to go there! I love this! Great job!


  5. I am convincing you to paint it!

    It's awesome!!

  6. omg this is amazing lol it looks so fun! My daughter enjoys crawling through one opened diaper box like a tunnel she would go crazy with this!

    My Adventures in Mommyland

  7. LOL,,, girl, you crack me up,,, this is sooo cute. I LOVE it. My kids have been begging for something ilke this forever, but I would go crazy having that in my house, I have nowhere to put it. Maybe if I EVER get my garage cleared out enough, I can put it in there.

    How much fun your boys must be having in there!!!

    Thanks girl for linking up to my party**Amaze me August @ Bella Before and AfterI totally LOVE having you.

    P.S. LOVE the new header!!!!


    Bella :)

  8. I like all your stuff in the shop,,, that ZEBRA apron is out of this world cute!!!!

    I also LOVE the upcycled jeans one,,, awesome!!!!

    Don't forget I'm always looking for talented mamas to sponsor the weekly party every Tuesday. Let me know if you are interested!!!!

    Bella :)


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