Monday, January 3, 2011

Ok, Ok

Ok, so I know last week I said I wasn't going to let 2011 come in the door.  I didn't want to accept any of the changes that I knew were going to happen (mostly birthdays!).  I was going to leave up all our Christmas decor and I wasn't going to have make any resolutions.  Well, I guess I'll give in to peer pressure. ha ha  I've taken down most of my Christmas items except for the tree - that's on today's To-Do List.  I've given up on staying 29 - instead, I'm investing in great eye cream and hair dye!  I'll let my babies grow up and just hold onto the slim hope of a 4th baby someday.  And I'll go ahead and set some goals for 2011 - not resolutions, I guess but goals:

1) Get organized!!  And this actually covers so many parts of my life - chore charts for boys, craft/sewing/office storage, set an actual work schedule for blogging and my little sewing business, and probably join Flylady again so I can have a cleaning routine!

2) I'd like to sew/create new items for my etsy shop 4 days a week so I can have plenty of in-stock items.

3) Work every single day on BOTh of my blogs - either on new content, networking with other bloggers, advertising with blogs and other sites I love, and brainstorming for new crafts/activities to write about.

4) Feed my family healthier!  That will include better menu-planning and probably a bit of freezer cooking.

5) Get in better shape!  I was shopping this weekend and was told that the store didn't go up to my size.  Yikes.  I really wanted to cry, but instead grabbed tight to my BIG girl panties and walked out.  I'm not huge, or at least I didn't think I was, but that experience was a real eye-openner for me.  I need to lose this weight! 

6) I'd also like to spend more time with friends - and pray, pray, pray that my hubby makes some.  That man needs to get out and have some fun!

Ok, so I feel like a sell-out or something for letting 2011 come in and give me lofty goals.  But, I figure whatever I achieve will benefit my family and hopefully make us all a bit happier, healthier and less stressed.  So here's to less stress!


  1. I like the word "goal" much better then "resolution" to lol

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