Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Little Perspective in the Bread Isle

Yesterday was a long day.
I didn't have much sleep and I had one heck of a To-Do List!

At the end of the list - and the thing I dreaded the most was grocery shopping.
Right before dinner.  With three tired boys.

It went about as well as you can expect.
Fighting, begging, whining, touching things, touching each other, more fighting.
Towards the end of the shopping list, all three of my guys were sentenced to different corners of the cart -
with one hand on the cart, and one hand in a pocket.
I'm mean, right?

I was struggling to waddle through the isles, only buy off of my list, keep control of the boys and fight some strong braxton hicks contractions.

I saw a kind face in a stranger coming towards me.
She asked if they were all mine.
"Yep," I said.  "And a 4th boy coming soon," patting my belly.
She got a little tear in her eye and smiled big.
She told me, "You are so incredibly blessed.  You have some amazing, cute boys there.  So blessed.  What a big heart you must have.  God bless you."

I thanked her and as she walked away I cried.
Right there in the bread isle at the grocery store.

I'm trying my very best every day to be the mom I need to be.
I feel like I fail.  A lot.
Especially yesterday.
But then a sweet stranger put it all in perspective for me and turned my day around.
Yes, I am blessed.  I am blessed beyond measure.
I love my boys and they are more of a gift to me than I could ever deserve.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall, Football, and... Fractures?? Oh My!

My favorite things about fall:
Cooler temperatures (especially since we moved to Texas!)
Recipes with apples and pumpkins
Fun decor

We are a football family, for sure.  We watch college (Boomer Sooner!) and NFL (Go Texans!).  
But most of all, we love to watch our kids play!  

This is The Chief's 3rd season to play and he's really pretty good!  He's quarterback, kicker and defensive end.  Basically, he's in every play - which is how he likes it.  Cause, you know - he's The Chief - and he likes to be in control.  he he
(I asked for a game face.  He refused.)

Con-Man has been looking forward to playing football for a couple of years now.  He *just* missed the birthday cutoff for tackle - thank God!  He's too little to be tackled!  So he's playing flagger and loves being their quarterback!
Con-Man's cute little game face.
Actually, he thought it was dumb that Mom wanted a picture of him before his 1st game!

I know a big worry with parents of football players, especially is injuries!
We've had our share - especially this year, even though we are only three games in.
The Chief injured both heals.  The ortho dr said that he came as close as you can come to fracturing both heel bones as possible without and actual crack. OUCH.
Then he pulled his hamstring.  Another ouch!
But in three seasons, that's it for football injuries!

Know what's more dangerous than football?
Seriously - I have LOTS of medical bills to prove it!

Con-Man and Monkey-Man were wrestling around on the trampoline a couple of days ago.
Con-Man told lil bro to run towards him, then he ducked down like a ball.  Monkey-Man's knee went right into the back of his neck.  He cried just a little, but said he was ok.
For the next few days, he'd complain of pain here and there, but we assumed it was just bruised.
Until the school nurse called yesterday to tell me that he was in the office crying.
I immediately picked him up and took him to urgent care.
The dr assured me that it was probably just bruised, that can be a tender area.  She wanted one x-ray just to rule out something more serious.
The tech took one x-ray, then decided on 5 more.  I knew then they found something.
This is the x-ray I saw.  And freaked out over.

I hope you can see it - I added the arrow to point at the bone that's BROKEN.
In my 6 year old's neck!!!
Yes, I tried to hold it together in the office, and waited until I called my hubby to cry.
But seriously!
The doctor assured me that it's not a serious injury, that he'll heal just fine.
He's out of PE and football for 6 weeks.  Which just happens to be the rest of his season. 
He's very upset about that.  
She did say that if he heals quicker, which is common in kids, then he could possibly play.
Maybe he'll only miss a few games.  
But he has to be completely pain free - which we are praying for constantly!

I hate that my boy is in pain right now.
I hate that we can't just put them in bubbles to keep them safe.
I do love, though, that my boys are active, healthy kids who love to play - even if it is a little too rough!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mama & Me Journal

In case you don't know, over at Fabulously Domestic, I'm working on my Pinterest Project.  I complete something - anything - that I've pinned on Pinterest every day for the month of September.  It's been fun so far.  

I wanted to share this little idea with you because it's been pretty great for me this week. 
I made the "Mama & Me" Journal I originally pinned from Mama Jenn!
You can find it in my Stuff To Make board.

I love this journal because it will give me some special time to focus on communicating with my older boys in a fun way.  I think The Chief, especially will be more open with me on paper than he is face-to-face.  We will write little notes back and forth to each other - about anything at all!  For Con-Man, who is only 6, I told him that he can write letters to me or even draw pictures sometimes.  Little does he know this will help him focus on reading and writing skills.

I hope to fill these journals up and make many, many more.  Imagine the memories we'll have to look back on!

How to do it:

Jenn has created great labels you can use for the front of your journals.
Head over there and print them off - you can even use sticker/label paper to make the process more simple!
I used tiny (4.5 x 3.25 in) Composition Notebook
I printed off her labels in the size I wanted, glued to scrapbook paper and then glued it to the notebooks!
Easy, right?

Then on the first page of the notebook, I just wrote a little note to get us started.
Actually, I just used the same letter that Jenn posted!

UPDATE:  This little journal has been REALLY great so far.  The Chief and I have been going head to head lately.  8 year olds are really just starting to get those bad attitudes where they roll their eyes and think their parents are idiots.  So it's been a struggle.  He was very excited to see the finished journal and wrote back to me right away.  When he's finished writing to me or drawing me a picture, he gets this super cute look on his face - grins ear to ear and runs to put it on my bed.  I {love} this.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The King of All Mondays

I know it's Tuesday - at least on the calendar.
But it sure feels like a Monday.
Like the king of all Mondays!

Here's a little run down so far - keep in mind it's only 8:30am.
Wake up every hour at least once to pee or recover from a bad dream.
Get up at 2:20 with such horrible heartburn and leg cramps that I can't go back to sleep.
Catch up with DVRed shows, early news, and laundry.
Kids up at 6:15 for showers - and fighting.
Wrangle kids to get ready for school and do basic morning chores.
Get kids out the door, pick up friend's kids for carpool.
While fighting the horrible drop off line at school, I turn around to notice Con-Man was wearing flip flops.
FLIP FLOPS.  Are you freaking kidding me?!
Honestly, I sorta flipped out on him.
Drop 3 kids off and head home to get Con-Man's shoes.
Lecture him the whole way home.
Break down crying from guilt.
Help him find his lost socks.
Remind him that he's putting his shoes on the wrong feet.
And he didn't tie his shoes.
And he forgot his back pack.
And lunch box.
More angry-mom-voice lecturing.
Back to the van to head up to the school.
Seatbelt reminder.  Again.
Walk in to sign Con-Man in 20 minutes late for school.
Cry the whole way home from guilt of starting his day off bad.
Come here to confess to you guys that while most days are good, some days just kinda suck.
Like today.
The rest of the day is super busy, mostly with things I DON'T want to do - like 10 billion phone calls, paying bills, running errands I've been putting off forever.

Anyone else with me today in wanting to just go back to bed and hide under the covers?


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