Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall, Football, and... Fractures?? Oh My!

My favorite things about fall:
Cooler temperatures (especially since we moved to Texas!)
Recipes with apples and pumpkins
Fun decor

We are a football family, for sure.  We watch college (Boomer Sooner!) and NFL (Go Texans!).  
But most of all, we love to watch our kids play!  

This is The Chief's 3rd season to play and he's really pretty good!  He's quarterback, kicker and defensive end.  Basically, he's in every play - which is how he likes it.  Cause, you know - he's The Chief - and he likes to be in control.  he he
(I asked for a game face.  He refused.)

Con-Man has been looking forward to playing football for a couple of years now.  He *just* missed the birthday cutoff for tackle - thank God!  He's too little to be tackled!  So he's playing flagger and loves being their quarterback!
Con-Man's cute little game face.
Actually, he thought it was dumb that Mom wanted a picture of him before his 1st game!

I know a big worry with parents of football players, especially is injuries!
We've had our share - especially this year, even though we are only three games in.
The Chief injured both heals.  The ortho dr said that he came as close as you can come to fracturing both heel bones as possible without and actual crack. OUCH.
Then he pulled his hamstring.  Another ouch!
But in three seasons, that's it for football injuries!

Know what's more dangerous than football?
Seriously - I have LOTS of medical bills to prove it!

Con-Man and Monkey-Man were wrestling around on the trampoline a couple of days ago.
Con-Man told lil bro to run towards him, then he ducked down like a ball.  Monkey-Man's knee went right into the back of his neck.  He cried just a little, but said he was ok.
For the next few days, he'd complain of pain here and there, but we assumed it was just bruised.
Until the school nurse called yesterday to tell me that he was in the office crying.
I immediately picked him up and took him to urgent care.
The dr assured me that it was probably just bruised, that can be a tender area.  She wanted one x-ray just to rule out something more serious.
The tech took one x-ray, then decided on 5 more.  I knew then they found something.
This is the x-ray I saw.  And freaked out over.

I hope you can see it - I added the arrow to point at the bone that's BROKEN.
In my 6 year old's neck!!!
Yes, I tried to hold it together in the office, and waited until I called my hubby to cry.
But seriously!
The doctor assured me that it's not a serious injury, that he'll heal just fine.
He's out of PE and football for 6 weeks.  Which just happens to be the rest of his season. 
He's very upset about that.  
She did say that if he heals quicker, which is common in kids, then he could possibly play.
Maybe he'll only miss a few games.  
But he has to be completely pain free - which we are praying for constantly!

I hate that my boy is in pain right now.
I hate that we can't just put them in bubbles to keep them safe.
I do love, though, that my boys are active, healthy kids who love to play - even if it is a little too rough!


  1. Girl, I saw this photo on Facebook and about threw up in sympathy. That is so, so scary. I'm glad it's nothing worse and that it will heal. I'd suggest that you try to keep the boys from wrestling on the trampoline, but I'm pretty sure that's a lost cause! Hang in there!


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