Friday, September 9, 2011

Mama & Me Journal

In case you don't know, over at Fabulously Domestic, I'm working on my Pinterest Project.  I complete something - anything - that I've pinned on Pinterest every day for the month of September.  It's been fun so far.  

I wanted to share this little idea with you because it's been pretty great for me this week. 
I made the "Mama & Me" Journal I originally pinned from Mama Jenn!
You can find it in my Stuff To Make board.

I love this journal because it will give me some special time to focus on communicating with my older boys in a fun way.  I think The Chief, especially will be more open with me on paper than he is face-to-face.  We will write little notes back and forth to each other - about anything at all!  For Con-Man, who is only 6, I told him that he can write letters to me or even draw pictures sometimes.  Little does he know this will help him focus on reading and writing skills.

I hope to fill these journals up and make many, many more.  Imagine the memories we'll have to look back on!

How to do it:

Jenn has created great labels you can use for the front of your journals.
Head over there and print them off - you can even use sticker/label paper to make the process more simple!
I used tiny (4.5 x 3.25 in) Composition Notebook
I printed off her labels in the size I wanted, glued to scrapbook paper and then glued it to the notebooks!
Easy, right?

Then on the first page of the notebook, I just wrote a little note to get us started.
Actually, I just used the same letter that Jenn posted!

UPDATE:  This little journal has been REALLY great so far.  The Chief and I have been going head to head lately.  8 year olds are really just starting to get those bad attitudes where they roll their eyes and think their parents are idiots.  So it's been a struggle.  He was very excited to see the finished journal and wrote back to me right away.  When he's finished writing to me or drawing me a picture, he gets this super cute look on his face - grins ear to ear and runs to put it on my bed.  I {love} this.  

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  1. Looks cute!! I do journals all the time but usually buy them. This is a cute idea! Thanks for sharing. :)


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