Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Chief!

Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday!  He is now 8 years old, but wishes he was 10.  Crazy how they wish away their childhood when we wish we could just get it back, right?!  The Chief is pretty true to his nickname.  As the oldest, he's definitely a leader in this house.  His little brothers follow his every move - good and bad.  They love him and look up to him in ways he'll never know.  And he can never understand how proud he makes me every day - even in the moments that he's driving me completely insane!

We had The Chief's birthday party this past weekend.  I will probably always question my sanity when thinking back on this party in particular.  I let him invite 15 boys total to have a sleepover.  WHAT?!?!  Yes, I realize I must be crazy!  I guess I'm lucky that only 5 kids actually showed up.  My husband somehow didn't realize until 2 hours before the party that kids would actually be spending the night.  I think he tends to block out information when it's something he doesn't like.  

We really went into the party without a plan, which works for us.  If I put too much thought into a party, something will go wrong, I will totally spaz and stress out, which makes my husband grumpy.  Disaster!  So instead, we just let the kids kind of run wild.  

We had some play basketball outside (the goal was his big gift this year), some have a Nerf gun war inside, and sometimes they jumped on the trampoline or wrestled in my living room.

{This is a few of the boys taking cover under a baby gate so they wouldn't take fire from the kids upstairs!}

The only thing I did plan was the food.  Boys need food and lots of it.  Pizza is a good choice - cheap, delicious and feeds a crowd.  Chips, and the like are good to have on hand.  Soda and juice pouches, too.  Most people have cake at a birthday party, right?  Well, that was going to be a problem for us.  See, The Chief doesn't like cake any more.  Seriously.  Not store bought or homemade.  He doesn't like the cake or the icing.  Surely this is a phase, right?  Anyway, when I saw this Popcorn Cake at Cookies and Cups, I knew it would be perfect for us!

{This is the birthday boy with his goodies.  Here you can tell a few things about us: 1 - we love junk food. 2 - we drink cheap margaritas.  3 - we drink even cheaper pop.}

Overall, I'd say The Chief's party was a success.  We didn't have any injuries, fights were kept to a minimum and everyone had fun!  The hubby has put a ban on future sleepovers, though.  We'll see!


  1. 15! You are a little crazy! That would have been wild! It sounds like the party was a success though...and that popcorn cake is such a cute idea!

  2. That cake looks great, going to check it out now.

    Happy Birthday to your Chief! :)

  3. I love the no planning aspect...things rarely go according to plan anyway, right? Looks like they all had a great time!

  4. You have won an award over at my blog, I hope you will accept!

  5. Great pictures! Hope he had a great birthday party!


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