Friday, January 28, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

I'm a butt-face.  

Apparently, my once sweet, angelic 3 year old has picked up a few bad words from somewhere.  I hate to blame his older brothers since I don't usually hear those words from them, but where else would he get it?!  

Monkey Man's favorite word now is butt-face.  That's what everyone looks like and acts like.  But most importantly, it's my new name.

Let's break it down: Butt.  Face.  "Butt" is already a funny word to boys, much like "panties," "boobies," "boogers," and "wiener."  But add "face" to the end - well, that's just art!  Right?  I mean, I don't find the value in a word like butt-face, but I'm guessing I'm in the wrong age demographic.  Well, that and all the horrible dirty looks I have to endure when he screams my new name in public.  That's not fun.  

And playdates?  Oh, I cringe at the thought.  I would LOVE to get out more and visit with other moms while our kiddos play.  But the thought of Monkey Man teaching his buddies his new vocabulary?  YIKES!  I don't want to be *that* mom!  Honestly, I just want my sweet baby back!

How did he go from this little sweetie:

To this little devil:

So what do I do?  I've told him we don't say words like this.  I've sent him to time out.  I've done ever reasonable punishment possible for a 3 year old.  Except vinegar...I made my older boys drink a tsp of vinegar when they said nasty words.  Maybe I should do that?!  I just hate the crying and spitting that comes when they have to have even a drop of vinegar.  But maybe it works where time out isn't?  

Oh, and before anyone thinks I'm a mean mama for the vinegar - it's healthy!  It's better than poisoning them with soap, right?

What great suggestions and words of wisdom do you have for this tired, frustrated butt-face of a mama?


  1. I think vinager is a great idea.. my 4 year old used 'douch bag' at school this week and i didnt want to be the mean mom with soap, cause time outs dont work. We stress to them grown up words are for grown ups but out of eyes shot i tend to hear things.. and I dont even know where they get it! I would much rather be a butt face then the latter! (PS he is a doll even with horns :) )

  2. im right there with you you could brush his teeth with baking soda?? or start calling him princess then strike a bargain with the little man if he hates your term of endearment


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