Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Man's Best Friend? Doubtful.

Last Thursday, as I was running around like a mad woman getting all five of us packed for a trip to Tulsa, my hubby called to tell me he rescued a puppy.  WHAT?!  1st, he's not the type to rescue any animal.  2nd, we were leaving town in 30 minutes.  And 3rd, I've told him a million times that we won't get a dog until the kids are grown - I just don't have time to devote to a dog.  He brought him home anyway.  

Over the course of our weekend out of town, the pup got loose.  A great friend was taking care of him for us, but a scared puppy in a new place is not a good combination.  So yesterday when we got back into town I had to rescue him again - this time from the animal shelter.  I'm thankful he was there, safe!  

The kids have named him Scruffy, because well, he IS scruffy.  They're real creative like that.  (Actually they named our kitten Princess Sophia Fluffy-Butt, so maybe they used all their pet-name-creativity for that.)  

He's a total mutt - some kind of terrier mix.  My sister in law actually has a dog that looks just like him and he's ugly as sin.  At least it won't be a surprise as he gets older!  

He's a very sweet pup - he loves to play with the ball, his silly piggy toy or pretty much anything you can throw.  He also thinks he's a lap dog.  Yesterday when I was walking him and a jogger was running towards us, he went NUTS barking and growling.  But normal walking people, he likes.  (No, sorry runners are not normal - who runs unless they are being chased?!)

The thing is, even though I didn't want a dog, and my hubby is the one that rescued him - who takes care of Scruffy?  Big surprise, huh?  Hubby seems to think the boys should take care of him.  And they will have their own responsibilities - The Chief takes him outside to potty, Con-man VOLUNTEERED to pick poop up???  And Monkey-man will feed him.  

Don't laugh, I'm under no illusions that those things will actually happen.  But I might be ok with it for this little guy.  I'm very happy to have someone who will make me go for walks, will protect me from crazy joggers, and will tilt his head all confused every time I whistle.


  1. He is kind of cute, in a scruffy sort of way.

  2. What a cutie! I love his name too! I am not planning on getting a dog anytime soon...3 boys is enough mouths to feed:)

  3. aw he is cute! and even though you werent in the market for a dog, its always great when its a rescue! Im not sure how he came about him, but at least he has a good home now and im sure with the kids he'll get lots of love and attention!


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