Monday, November 1, 2010

Farewell Halloween!

Hello, November!  

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see November!  It's time to get ready for my two favorite holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!  I am going spend a good part of this afternoon putting away all of my Halloween decorations, eating all the boys' chocolate and planning the crafts and decorations we'll make for Thanksgiving.  I'm super excited to share some of them with you guys very soon!!!

Before we get knee deep into turkey, pumpkin pie, and stuffing why don't we wrap up October activities by showing you a glimpse of our Halloween! 
(Forgive lack of quality AND quantity of pics, I was too busy getting messy!)

We started out by carving pumpkins.

This was the first time they boys actually carved them - usually they would just tell me what they wanted and I would do all the dirty work.

This is pretty much how they all felt about the pumpkin guts - EWWWW!

And this is how my oldest wanted to illustrate the point. lol

This was also the first year that I gave NO input on their costumes.  I let them decide what they wanted to be and come up with how to pull it off.  It was actually kind of nice to not shell out $50+ for a costume they'll really only wear once.  A mask and hoodie was a much better deal, even if I'm not crazy about it being too scary for their ages.


  1. That pumpkin is too funny! Love the costumes too. I am going to keep putting imput into my boys' costumes as long as they will let me:)

  2. Wow, they do look spooky! Good thing they have Scooby with them :) My guys love scooby and had their first taste of spooky fellas this year. I was really proud of how well they did - last year they just about jumped out of their skin when they saw those masks. This year they were more in to it. So glad you joined the costume parade - I can't wait to read more about you & the boys

  3. This is the first year we had a scary costume too. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. ;)

    I'm also glad to see we aren't the only family carving pumpkins on Halloween day! I always feel slightly guilty that we wait so long. lol

  4. I thought i commented on this but love the pictures!! Looks like the boys had lots of fun!!


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