Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Blog Hop

This Friday on Life with the Lebedas, Jennifer gave us a theme for the Mommy Madness Blog Hop.  It's, well... Mommy Madness!  

I could (and maybe someday will) write a book of all the crazy things that have happened in our family.  From my oldest and his obsession with poop at 2 yrs old, to him dumping cans of formula all over his baby brother, to my middle son coloring all over his naked body with my eyeliner.  There is ALWAYS a circle of food under my 2 yr old's kitchen chair.  I've found 6 pieces of chewed up gum in various parts of my house in the last week - which has led to a month long ban on gum!  I'm going to spend some time digging around for pics of some of the events mentioned (they are on a cd somewhere!).

But today, the thing that is driving me to complete 
Mommy Madness is:

dun dun dun....the 2 yr old's bedroom.  
Disgusting, I know.  Please don't judge too harshly.  This is the room that I clean for 2 hours - sorting every toy to go in it's specific box or bin, folding and hanging clothes, making the bed with hospital corners.  And an hour later, this is what I find.  I think we may have a wild pack of monkeys living in my house that I didn't know about when we bought it.  I thought about taking all the toys away, but I like the idea of free play.  I thought about locking the door and only letting him in when I can go with him.  But there is no lock - I guess that will be nice when he's a teenager!  I thought about moving all the toys to the game room so I can force the other two to help clean them up.  But that would mean ^THIS^ mess would be out in the open!  So instead, I'll just close the door and ignore it until I've run out of things to clean and I have a couple of hours to kill.  (Oh, and he doesn't sleep in there - he's in our room in his own bed - don't judge for that either, please. lol)


  1. lol love your madness picture!! That looks like my house and i have a babysitter coming in like 2 hours so i have to get off & clean it up. I take that back, thats what it always looks like by the end of the week I don't understand how i can clean house every day of the week & it still look so bad by the end of the week!! I think my issue starts with a c and k! lol Thanks for linking up and participating!

  2. Thanks for stopping by :)

    following you back from (following both of your blogs)

  3. It's nice to know we're all in the same boat. I recently saw a quote "Cleaning your house with kids around is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing" I constantly remind myself of this.


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