Monday, October 18, 2010

Lego Party - Part 1

Tomorrow is a big day for my middle son - he will be 
6 years old!  
He's still young enough that this is a HUGE deal!  He told me today that starting tomorrow, he'll be taller than all the other kids in his class that are only 5.  
He also thinks that on his birthday AND on the day of his party he's allowed to 
boss all of us around!  
We'll see how that goes over with his big brother.  ;)

This year, we've decided on a Lego theme for his party.  
So this week, we'll be making the decorations for his party, 
snacks, goody bags, and of course the cake!  
Last week, I sent out the invitations: 

I couldn't find any invitations to purchase that we really liked.  Most of them were based around a certain character or Lego video game.  
I wanted something less specific.  
I searched online for high resolution images to use to make the invitations, but really didn't find anything that I could easily use.  

Finally, I just headed upstairs to the game room and started building.  I spelled out "PARTY
as best I could, snapped a picture, and in Pages, added the text.  
I printed them out at home on 4x6 photo paper and sent them to class!
My printer is pretty economical when it comes to printing photos - 
I think total, I spent less than 10 cents per invitation!

Today, while the older boys were in school I decided to get a jump start on decorating!
I bought two bags (72 pieces each) of assorted colored balloons.
Most of you have seen those super cute balloon wreaths online - well, I thought that would be perfect to use for birthdays in my family!
I'll tell you what won't work for attaching balloons to a foam wreath form: hot glue and staples.  The hot glue won't stick to the balloons at all and my staples weren't long enough to hold the balloons in.  
I ended up using straight pins from my sewing table!  
I pinned two balloons together and just filled up the wreath form.

 I surprised the boys with it today.

I plan on getting up pretty early to decorate the house and van to surprise the 
Birthday Boy 
with balloons and streamers in the morning.  He's requested a special breakfast - blueberry muffins, bacon and eggs, and fruit.  
I'll also be baking his class a special batch of cupcakes as a treat!  

As the week goes on, he'll help me with the party decorations - a pinata, JUMBO Lego blocks, a banner - all kinds of fun stuff!

Check back through the week for more Lego Party ideas!


  1. I love balloon wreathes! Super Cute! Have fun with your sons lego party!

  2. Those invites are really cute and I love the wreath too!

  3. Love those invites!! Very creative!
    I'm your new follower from Mommy Madness Fridays!
    Hope you'll check out my blog.

  4. What a great idea – looks like so much fun. Love the Lego Party themes.. These sounds awesome. ..Add some more fun games and Lego Party Supplies for more added excitement and fun... Can’t wait to see all the lego goodness… Good luck!


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