Friday, April 29, 2011

Always full of surprises!

Boys, well kids in general, are always full of surprises.  
Sometimes good, sometimes not.

This week has been a bit challenging for us - state testing at school meant no baseball.
No baseball means no after school activities. 
No after school activities means time for fighting.
And whining.
And talking back.
And grounding.
The surprising part - the next morning usually starts off fresh, with good attitudes!

My older boys both have substitutes for the rest of the year.
One teacher is having major medical problems, the other had a baby.
The Chief is adjusting just fine.
Con-Man was hating school and never wanted to go back.
Surprisingly, my advice to him worked. (Surprising to HIM, maybe but mama is always right!)
So now I've got two happy kiddos at school.

Monkey-Man has started taunting.  This only surprises me because he's so little! lol
He sings this to his big brother:
"Bubba and Bwooklin, sittin in a twee. K-M-P-L-M-N-O-P"
Love it!

My biggest surprises this week came from The Chief.
One morning I heard him in the laundry room & asked what he was doing.
"Just starting a load of laundry, mom!"  
And last night, he asked me if he could do the dishes for me.
Who is this kid?  
I think I'll keep him!


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