Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Funny - Monkey Man

So I suppose I should start this post off with an announcement.  
A really BIG announcement.
Turns out having three wonderful boys in our lives is just NOT enough.
We are expecting another baby in November!
The whole family is SUPER excited - it's all we talk about.
Though I'll try to spare you guys here. :)

Monkey Man has been sleeping in our room since we moved (late last summer.)
He has his own bed in there, but still!
He says he's going to be scared of the dark when he moves upstairs.
I explained yesterday that he'll have to move soon because when the baby comes, s/he will sleep in my room.
He said ok, and seemed fine with it.
Last night he fell asleep upstairs in his bed while he was playing.
I left him there, hopeful he'd stay all night. 
And see that it's not so scary after all.
2:30am, he comes running into my room searching everywhere.
He said, "Mama, where is the baby?!"
I told him in my tummy and he got the biggest frown.
He asked, "Well, then why was I asleep upstairs?"

That poor little guy was so excited, thinking the baby had come!
He's going to make a great big brother this fall.


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