Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Bucket List - Tutorial

Can you believe how quickly this school year has flown by?!
My boys have less than a month before their summer break begins.
That gives me heartburn.  Just a little.
How on earth can I keep them occupied and not fighting?
Not tearing up the house?
Not driving me to the brink of insanity?

Part of the answer is routine - my kids thrive on routine.
They get it at school and they do awesome!
But summer comes & we let all routines fly out the window.
Not this year.
I learned the hard way last year.
The kiddos are going to wake up at a decent hour, get chores done and eat at normal times.
The rest, though, will be free time!

Do your kids get bored with too much free time?
Mine sure do!
I decided to revamp an idea I shared back in December.
I'm making a Summer Fun Idea bucket.
{Would have been a jar, but I'm fresh out.}
In case you want to make one, too, here are the instructions:

What you'll need:

Jar or bucket
List of activities
Summery scrapbook paper {for tag}
Twine or ribbon {for tag}
Scissors or paper cutter to cut list into strips


1 Cut list of activities to same width
2 Cut into strips {there are lines to make this super easy}
3 Fold up or roll each strip
4 Throw in bucket
5 {Not shown} Make cute tag for your bucket/jar
*I know this is so simple that you probably didn't need instructions, but I did them just in case, you know?*

Whenever my boys get bored this summer, they can take turns drawing a slip of paper out.
I plan to do all the activities as a family and hopefully beat the boredom blues.
Who knows, maybe you'll see some of our fun in action this summer!

Get your list of activities here - change, add and omit as you see fit for your family!

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  1. This is such a fun idea! Great way to keep the kiddos from saying "I'm bored!" all summer:)

  2. We have one of these. It makes it more fun!! :) Love the idea of having something new to do every week!


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