Friday, April 8, 2011

The Grass Ain't Greener

This morning was rough.  Very rough.  
I woke up WAY too early from tons of bad dreams.  My coffee tasted absolutely nasty.  Microwave died.  The Chief lost his baseball jersey that he needs for tonight - and was being a total turd about finding it.  
Con-Man tried to just wear the same clothes from yesterday and threw a tantrum most 2 year olds couldn't match.  
And two (I won't name names) of my boys peed the bed last night.  
NOT a good morning.  
I lectured them all - about disrespect, responsibility, cleaning their rooms, etc.  I hate lecturing.  What I hate the most is that it doesn't work and I sound like a broken record.
I see other kids behaving and taking care of their things - maybe the grass IS greener.  
I always wonder what it will take to get things through to my boys.  
Then I started thinking...

Lately we've been working hard around our yard.  Apparently, the lawn was pretty well neglected when we bought our house. We have de-thatched twice, applied fertilizer and weed treatments, water often, and have reseeded heavily.  All this work, and I still don't see a difference.  Except bare spots!  UGH

Ugly, right?  And that's right in our front yard!  But what can we do?  Keep tending it, keep nurturing it, and keep hoping it'll all come out right.

And it does - see what I found when I looked a little more closely this morning:

Sweet, new, green baby grass.  Doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing.  Growing in strong.

So what will I do with my babies today?  Keep tending, keep nurturing, and keep praying that it all turns out the way it's supposed to.


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