Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers and Support for Japan

Mornings in my house are always a hurried mess of running up and down stairs for school clothes, cereal flying across the table, and school papers being signed.  For some reason today, I took time to turn on the television to catch the news for a few minutes.  My whole morning stood still.  

Breaking news.  

Almost always scary words on tv.  Earthquake in Japan, devastating tsunami followed.  

The kids and I were glued.  We watched the news clips over and over in shock.  I told the boys that we needed the pray for these poor people and of course they agreed.  My boys are young - 8, 6, and 3.  They were filled with questions - why did this happen?  Where will those people live?  Did people die?  Did moms and dads die?  Kids?  I hate that children often have to see these disasters and learn hard truths about life.

During these natural disasters, it always warms my heart to see how people come together to help strangers.  People they've never met, and probably never will meet.  I think it really shows you the general love we all have for other people.  I want to show you just a couple of ways that you can help during this tremendous time of need.  You can donate directly through the American Red Cross - they make it so simple to even designate where you want your money to go. 

There are also some very generous shops on Etsy that have decided to donate a portion of their profits to help the many many victims.  I have even added a special item to help in this effort.  

Please help in whatever way you can, especially in prayer!


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