Friday, March 25, 2011

April Fool's Day Fun!

April Fool's Day is one of those fun little days were we get to be silly and have fun!  I don't really like to do mean pranks, but I do like to fool people.  

Probably my best prank was pulled on my husband's old coworkers.  I was always sending good food to work with my hubby - breakfast burritos, sweet breads, and all kinds of really yummy homemade cookies.  I'm not the world's greatest cook by any means, but I make some great cookies!  Well, one April Fool's Day it hit me - I could change up a tried and true recipe and pull a prank.  I made snickerdoodles.  Only, instead of sugar, I used ALL salt.  And instead of cinnamon on top, I sprinkled chili pepper.  I brought the plate of cookies to my husband with a stern warning for him to not try them at all, but sit back and watch.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall.  He said everyone was in a meeting together and was so excited to see fresh baked cookies.  One after another they took a big bite, chewed, looked confused and spit it out.  lol  The downside, they never trusted my baking again!  

In the spirit of fun, not mean April Fool's Day festivities, here are some of my favorite ideas I've run across lately.  I'll be sure to post and let you guys know when I try some out!

This is Fakin' and Eggs that I found on Family Fun.

This mashed potato sundae is from Martha Stewart

And how stinking cute is this Mock TV Dinner from Delectable Edibles?!?!

What fun things do you have planned?


  1. Thanks for featuring our cupcakes! I couldn't approve more, as I'm also the mom of three boys! And I love a good (but not mean) prank... I need some ideas for this year!


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