Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Swap with Running with Glitter!

Alright guys - today we are doing things a little differently!  I'm doing a blog swap with one of my favorite new blogs.  You guys are going to love Kelly and all the cute things she does on her blog!  After you see this cute tutorial, please head on over to Running with Glitter and show her some luv!

Thanks for having me on your great blog! You have such great ideas and are very inspiring.

I'm Kelly form over at  Running With Glitter. I'm a mommy to two very busy and children and I'm always working on some sort of a project. My blog is a new blog and I have so many ideas I can't wait to share.

Today I'm going to share a little girly love. My daughter is 100% girl and hair pretties are mandatory in our home!

St. Patrick's Day Shrinky Dink Shamrock Korker Tutorial

 Who would want to pinch my little cutie pie?! Well just in case... I thought I'd put together a super cute hair pretty for Aubrey Rose.
 Making korkers and Shrinky dinks in the same project makes me smile. I'm a nerd, I know.. But hey, here is a little tutorial so you can be a nerd with me.

To make the korkers you need:
1/4 inch Dowel Rods. You can find these pre-cut in a package of 12 at Hobby Lobby
Wooden clothes pins.
3/8 inch Grosgrain Ribbon
Liquid Starch

 Take your ribbon and pin it to the clothes pin to hold it in place. 
 Start Twisting making sure that your ribbon is not overlapping and you don't have any gaps.  After you do it a few times you will be a pro and it will go super fast!
 Secure your Ribbon at the end with the other clothes pin
 So simple, right?! Bake at 200-275* for 20-30 minutes depending on how your oven runs. 
Remove from oven. Spray lightly with starch and let cool. 

Remove from dowel rod and see how cute these are! 

Cut your ribbon in 3 inch strips.  I used my paper cutter to measure and help hold them in place while I cut ribbon
Heat seal the ends of the ribbon by moving fire quickly over the ends. This will prevent fraying. 
Take a thick piece of thread/yarn place under the center of your ribbons and gather all your pieces tightly together. This can be a bit tricky so again I used my paper cutter to help hold them in place. 
Wrap the string tightly around your bow a few more times and tie a knot. There you have it.. A korker bow!

 Now for the Shrinky Dink fun! 

 I found this great Shamrock clip art here.
I loved the orange outline Because it gave me a line to cut on :)
Resize to 50% larger of your desired size. Print on InkJet Shrinky Dink paper. Cut out the clip art from your Shrinky Dink paper and follow the Shrinky Dink package instructions for baking and making your shamrock.

When the shamrock was shrunk I added a little bit of glitter. I love when I make something that can be glittered! {Though you can skip the glitter all together}
Seal the glitter with clear finger nail polish

Hot glue your shamrock and secure it to the Top. 
 Slip an alligator clip on the bottom under the string. {I personally do not like to line my clips with ribbon because they don't stay in as well.}

 There you have it! This hair pretty ensures NO PINCHING next week on St. Patty's day!
{Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think}


  1. So cute! I love the curly ribbon!

  2. How cute!! Love it. Never realized thats how you made those!


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