Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun at the Children's Museum

You guys remember our Summer Bucket List, right?
We drew a trip to a museum last week - the kids were super excited!
Actually, so was I! 
Houston has one of the top rated children's museums in the country 
and we'd never been.
If you are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend a visit - 
the cost is low, there are TONS of activities and it's FUN!

Here are just a few highlights from our trip:

There is a little city within the building.  Kids are given a debit card with pretend money - they can buy things until money runs out, then they must get a job in the city to earn more money!  Love this!  Here are Con-Man and Monkey Man grocery shopping - dinner will be good tonight!

Outside there is a water play area.  Kids can build boats and race them, learn about dams and water flow and use sprayers to fill a big bucket that later dumps.  They can also learn how waves are formed!  This was perfect in the 100 degree heat the day we went - they didn't get soaked, but a little water cooled them off.

 Inside, there are TONS of physical challenges for the kids to try.  
They loved the rock climbing wall, the dance games, and could even check their heart rates between activities!

This was another physical challenge - the boys had to pull their own body weight up using pulleys.  I really just included this pic because Con Man looks so silly!

There was a little Mexican village where the kids learned a little about the culture.  They loved this cool little car - and even posed for a picture for me!

Next we went to the face painting station.  Clearly, Monkey Man is NOT impressed with my artistic abilities. 

 So I let him do his own thing, along with Con-Man and The Chief.

This is what Con-Man came up with. ??

 Monkey Man - he looks soooo much better, right?  

 The Chief.  Wow.  He was soooo embarrassed after he did this that he went STRAIGHT to the restroom to wash it off.  No way was he going to walk around with his face looking like that.  
The other two, oh yes - they LOVED the way they look and I let them keep it till we got home.

 Probably our favorite part of the museum was in a little building outside.  We got to see two baby chicks that had just hatched try to hobble around and dry off.  Two more eggs started to hatch while we watched.  Simply amazing.  The boys were just glued to this little table.  Another table had about 10 chicks that were already all fluffy and cute.  They'd come to your finger if you tapped on the glass.  CUTE!!!


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