Friday, June 3, 2011

1st Day Of Summer Break

Yesterday was the last day of school - a half day at that.
I felt like I did my part - baked brownies, attended wild class parties.
And they did theirs - signed year books, hugged teachers and said goodbye to friends.

But NOW what?

That's where I get a little anxious.  I worry about if I'll make it out of summer break alive!
I'm only half kidding.
How much fighting will there be?
Can I really get them to do their chores by a decent time?
Will they be at all impressed with the activities I want to do?
Can I honestly take all three of them to the beach by myself?
Will The Chief actually get to play on the select baseball team through the summer?
And how much of our time will THAT take up?
How do I get my kids to want to read more than watch tv???

Yesterday afternoon was a little rough.
Today, though I'm determined to make it a good day!
Hopefully they won't fight the new routines too much.
1st stop today is our local library - we are signing up for their Summer Reading Program!
Even Monkey Man (3 yrs) gets to participate and they have some great prizes.
Then I'm thinking a picnic and splash pad fun.

Who knows what the rest of our summer break has in store?
I'm sure some days we'll rely on our Summer Bucket List to help us survive!

What fun things do you and your kids have planned?
Any awesome vacations coming up??

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  1. I am a little worried about keeping my kiddos occupied and keeping them from fighting too much! So far we have a few camps lined up and VBS plus a few weekend trips planned.


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