Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Home Tour

This year there are so many beautiful homes decorated for Christmas.  There are a couple of amazing Christmas Tour of Homes going on at Nesting Place and Kelly's Korner.  I just LOVE seeing all the different ways people decorate.  I'm getting some great ideas! 

I figured I might as well join, so come on in!  Let me show you around.

First let me introduce you to my Christmas Caroling Snowmen!
These little guys sit on the bar between my living room and kitchen.  
Along with my cute little Christmas Countdown!

From this angle, you can see the snowflakes we've hung above their heads. 

Look at his tiny book - wonder what song he's singing?

 The back wall of my house has these big windows.  They needed something, so I added some milk glass and a wreath with gold and white ornaments.  

 Here is a closer shot of the milk glass bowl with gold ornaments.  I love the way the light catches the glitter at different times of day.

And here is a shot of the vase with glittery swirls.  This milk glass came from my grandma, so I try to keep it displayed all the time.

Now standing at those windows, if you were to turn around - this is what you'd see.
When I first came to look at this house, I saw those banisters and could just picture garland wrapped around them and hundreds of twinkling lights.  It actually brought tears to my eyes - that's how I knew this had to be our home!

Our mantel:
I wanted to keep our mantel simple.  I love the way my santa set looks with just a couple of candles and white ruffle trees the boys helped me make. 

Isn't that sleigh amazing?!

Love that Santa!  Hope I'm on that list!

And our tree!
 I posted before about my sad little tree.  Well, I decided I like it more than I thought.  I don't need a big, huge tree!  That just means more work for me, right?  So I brought this one downstairs - by myself, not an easy task.  I had to put the ornaments back on that fell off on the trip down. lol  And now the tree is getting a prime spot in our living room so we can enjoy it more.

*Note - I'm still on the search for a perfect Nativity scene.  If you see a great one somewhere, let me know.  And we can't hang our stockings yet.  Last year we had a few accidents when the kids wanted to try to hang ON their stockings and the heavy holders fell down on their heads.  Not fun.


  1. I love the garland wrapped around the banister! I do the same thing at our house, but I don't have nearly as much:) I hang my boys stockings out of reach...otherwise I'm sure we would have the same trouble you did!

  2. Sweet home, and gosh that staircase, is awesome for sure. Love all your little decorations. Great job!!!

    I have an awesome nativity set, actually a little village, it's awesome, got it many years ago, come see, I just posted about it last week. My piano mantle!!!

    Bella :)

  3. Very pretty! I really like your pic of that terrific white Santa making his list!


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  6. Oh I do love white and gold for the holidays--simply lovely! Several years back my husband built me a tree stand--we have tall vaulted ceilings and even with a seven foot tree--it still looked "off." Enter the wooden box, about a foot tall, as wide as the actual metal tree stand and still fits under the glittery skirt--voila! Another foot taller with no effort at all!

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  10. Love it all. It is so beautifully decorated. Oh, I sure do love Christmas. I am your new follower. You can follow me back at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

  11. I also love the stairs!! I knew I had to get our stairs done this Christmas cause I too wanted to decorate them SO bad and I did, you can see them at !! :0)

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  12. Your house is gorgeous of course!! Love all your beautiful decorations!!


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