Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Countdown Craft

I've  been looking for an easy, cute countdown to Christmas for a while now.  I've seen a lot that I love on different blogs and websites, but none that I could make right away with what I have on hand.  This time of year I'm SUPER busy making gifts and crafts with the boys, shopping, decorating, and baking.  So I needed something simple and fast that wouldn't make me head out to the store for more supplies.  

She always has great ideas that I want to try.  Today she posted a gorgeous Christmas Countdown tutorial.  
No need to post my own instructions - she did a great job showing all the steps here.  

Here are my final products - one is for me, and one is for a friend.

I did go ahead and put mine back in the frame - but only because BOTH pieces of glass had big chips in the corners.  :(  Apparently Kelli will have some ideas for what to do with the empty frames, so I'd say it would be ideal to follow her tutorial as much as possible.  I also put some shabby rolled flowers on one frame.


  1. I love the flowers! I actually have one in a frame on my kitchen counter, and the one that I shared the tutorial on is for a gift:) Don't you just love that printable!!

  2. You know this is really PERFECT, I love it girl. Please link this up also, to my Christmas party **6 weeks 2 JINGLE** I have to remember this one. Thanks again,

    Bella :)

  3. Love the days til Christmas frame!! Super cute! I'm pretty sure that I remember you saying that you had a hard time being creative during mofia ... and yes i'm going to tease you forever about that because you are super creative!


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