Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dinner-time Conversations

Dinner time is supposed to be a great time to get the whole family together.  You sit around the table as a family, the children use their best table manners, you each take turns talking about your day and what's going on in the world and you come together as a family.  

ha ha ha ha ha!  Not in my house.  Don't get me wrong - I try!  I really try.  I have taught my boys manners.  They just refuse to use them.  And meaningful conversation?  That just doesn't happen often enough around here - it's more like trying not to raise my voice when I tell them for the 10th time to stop making gross noises and whining about broccoli.  

So here is where my good friend, Anna comes in.  She is one of those women that you just KNOW has a SuperMom cape hanging up in the closet.  I'm sure she has her off days like the rest of us, but I've never seen one!  She has GREAT, well behaved kids.  She does the most fun activities with them - and sneaks in Bible verses or other educational information.  I bet they don't even know they are learning; they just think they have a super fun mom.  

Well, she passed along this great idea to me and I want to share it.  It's called Dinner Talk or Family Preserves.  I think she said she originally saw it at Quirky Mama.  The idea is that at dinner time, when the whole family is around the table, you take out a question for everyone to answer.  It gets the conversations started and you get a chance to really get to know everyone even better.  I'll also share a great list of scripture verses - I'm making a jar of these, too so we can have some fun with memorization!  These are on my list of gifts to give this year - they are easy, fast and can be done low cost.  I'm getting my jars at the dollar store!

Dinner Talk Jar

What you'll need: 
Scrapbook paper - 4 sheets per jar
Printed conversation starters (links below)
A jar

The first thing you want to do is print out your list of conversation starters onto your scrapbook paper (on the white side).  Choose a paper that matches your personality or the personality of the family you are giving it to.  If you don't change the size of the questions in the link, then you'll need 4 sheets of paper.  Print them all at the same time so you don't forget which ones you've done!

Cut the strips of paper out and curl.  You can curl with scissors or wrap them tightly around a pencil.  Make them look fun!

Use a scrap of coordinating paper to make the tag.  Attach with your ribbon and the jar is ready to give or use for your own family.

Want to make your own jars?  Here are the links!

I can already see how some of you could personalize these - vinyl lettering on the side, spelling out your last name maybe?  Favorite sports team paper to print on?  Or maybe your child's favorite character?  Have fun with this!

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  1. I've heard of this idea, but I never thought of it as a gift idea. Very neat!

    Hope you can come by for my Holly Bloggy Recipe Party on Thursday!

  2. Ambrosia, came here from Crystals party, had to see these, and glad I came. This is really too cute. What a great idea. Gosh, these could be used for things to do, Im bored jar, or consequences jar, lol, too many ideas. I am so liking this. Thanks for the great idea.

    I would LOVE if you came to link up at my party too**Amaze me AUgust** would totally make me happy.:)

    Thanks again,

    Bella :)

  3. Cute idea - I get tired of asking the same questions!

  4. What an awesome idea and great as a gift, thanks so much for stopping by and giving me a follow. I'm so happy to follow you back.
    See ya next post:)

  5. I have a scripture jar -- but I like this idea too, especially as a gift!

  6. Hey sweetie, just wanted to let you know I FEATURED this today. I really loved the idea.

    Thanks again for linking up to **Amaze me August** and make sure you grab a FEATURED button, and display it proudly!!

    Bella :)

  7. Oh and btw I am using my NEW MAC book so I can see all of your blog finally!!

  8. I can't believe I found your post. I have 2 teenage boys and over the past few weeks have really been missing the conversations we used to have. I had in my head that I wanted to do a project like this but wasn't sure what questions to put in the jar. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  9. I made this and i blogged all about it, giving you credit. Thanks so much for the idea! I love that you included the spreadsheets too. SO generous!

  10. I am sooooo bummed. I LOVED your idea, got all the supplies but when I opened up the conversation document it was blank. The scripture one was not however, so I don't think it is a problem with my computer. help please!!

  11. first time i looked it was blank-and today i got out my stuff and the document was blank! i've been planning it for out of state family for Christmas! if you could send it to me or something that would be great!

  12. i mean to say, when i first tried the link it worked, but then (after a week or two) when i went back the document was blank.

  13. i figured it out! at the bottom of the page that says "sheet 1" and "conversationstarters" on the convo tab and it's there! phew!

  14. LOVE this idea. I will be making these this week for gifts and to place Randomly around the town as one of my RACK's (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.


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