Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting Boys to Help - Chore Chart!

Lately my hubby has been commenting that the boys are not doing their share around the house.
I am so thankful that he understands that keeping house isn't just MY job.
This morning we decided it was time for a chore chart.
Then I got overwhelmed.

Here's what I've tried in the past that didn't work for us:
Printed weekly charts to put stickers on
Printed, laminated daily charts to use dry erase marker on
A printed list of chores that each boy can choose from each day
No list or chart - just yelling when the house got nasty

So here's what I knew I needed:
A perpetual list/chart that can change daily
Something reusable - not printing over and over
Customizable for my kids
Easy to understand
Visually attractive so it can be displayed

The chore chart below is what I've come up with!  

I'm not doing a tutorial, because it's really just too simple.  
But, here is what you'll need:

Colored Pens
Push Pins
Mod Podge

I cut my fabric to fit over the cork-board and then applied Mod Podge.  Smooth out and trim if needed.
Print out kids' names, etc
Write out chores - one per tag.  Some chores needed a list, (ex bathrooms) so I wrote those on the back of the tag.
Insert push pins and hang tags for each kid, each day!
So easy, right?

So here's how the system works:
I decide each evening what the next day's chores will be and hang them on the push pins.
Each morning the boys will do the morning chores and can also choose to start evening chores if time allows.
When a chore is completed, they will move that tag to the "Finished" area below their name.
I will double check to make sure they completed the task like I expect.
Each kid will have some standard tags that go up every day - brushing teeth, etc. 
Others will vary by day - the bathroom won't be cleaned every day for example.
The chores written in black can be done by anybody and will be rotated.
I may also choose to add chores during the day as warranted by bad behavior.

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