Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How NOT to Pull a Tooth - a Bad Tutorial

This is another tutorial for men.  (See Teaching what my Mother In Law didn't)
I say this is for men, because I really doubt any women - especially mothers would try this on a little kid.

Step 1: Start with an impatient 6 yr old and a tooth that Mom says isn't ready:

Step 2: Tie floss to said tooth:

Lots of floss:

Step 3: Tie other end of floss to very fast, powerful (& beat up) remote control truck:

Step 4: Set 6 yr old and truck up with plenty of space to run.  Pull trigger on remote:

Step 5: Examine 6 yr old to find he looked down at moment of pull, causing floss to lodge up under gum line, above the not-loose-enough-tooth.

Step 6: Listen to your wife say, "I told you so," repeatedly while your 6 yr old looks a little like Nanny McPhee for the next 5 + days:

*Note - poor Con-Man's tooth is more than ready to come out now, but he's terrified to let anyone near it!

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  1. Poor thing! I hope it comes out soon! I am not a big fan of loose teeth...they kind of gross me out:)


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